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About us

Frederick Weiss & Associates is a professional staff of Court Reporters, Videographers and support staff.  A short commute to Germany and other European countries, our  professional staff is ready to service all your deposition  and hearing support needs.

We are members of NCRA, offer U.S. certified court reporters with top awards in professional associations, such as the prestigious Certificate of Merit and Registered Realtime Reporter.

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    Frederick Weiss

    Frederick has been reporting full time in Europe since 2001, attended  the Court Reporter Training Center, Northwestern California School of Law, and holder of the NCRA Certificate of Merit, and past speed contest participant.  Specializing in IP,  Corporate breach, maritime, aviation, difficult same day delivery arbitration hearings.

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    Wanda Buckner

    Originally from Georgia/South Carolina
    Attended Georgia State University
    Has reported all over U.S.
    Former president of South Carolina Court Reporters Association
    NCRA Registered Professional Reporter
    NCRA Certified Realtime Reporter

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    Yvonne Vanvi

    Yvonne Vanvi operates as an independent court reporter in Paris, France — a part-time freelancer since 1990 and full-time since 2000. She was an official court reporter in the Supreme Court of Hong Kong in the 1980s. Her experience includes extensive work with the World Bank, International Chamber of Commerce and other arbitration forums.  She has covered arbitration hearings involving complex subject matters, difficult accents, and fast and accurate delivery requirements. She works independently and with a group of independent contractors from Luxembourg, Germany and the UK on an as-needed basis. Yvonne is an NCRA member.

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    Anja Ehmann

    Ms. Ehmann has acted as videographer of record in hundreds of depositions throughout Europe and Asia since 2002 and is highly competent at favorable video setups in complex cases.  Ms Ehmann is diligent about providing the best quality audio and video presentation for clients.

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    Thomas Schmid

    Mr. Schmid has acted as a Certified Court Videographer Specialist in many different venues and locations, including Germany, Denmark, Norway, France, Belgium and The Netherlands. He is known for his perfect delivery of sound and video, and has a minute-by-minute concentration on crisp, clean audio and video quality for the official record.