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Frederick Weiss & Associates is proud to offer you trained videographers licensed by the American Guild of Court Videographers, bearing the CCVS (Certified Court Video Specialist) designation.


Our Videographers recognize the requirements of Rule 30 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures and understand that there are certain things which cannot be included in video evidence that will be introduced into a trial. Our professional videographers are trained in all aspects of visual evidence, including the preparation of the evidence so that it cannot be impeached, and in proper methods of presenting evidence in the courtroom.

One of the most asked questions we receive is "How does your certification as a ‘Certified Court Videographer’ (CCV) differ from the National Court Reporter's Associations' certification (CLVS)?" A good and valid question. We cannot and will not speak for the NCRA, however, we can speak as to the position of our organization.

Here are the answers:

  • The CCV certification is for qualified videographers who have attained the skills and legal requirements to perform legal videography which can be accepted as evidence in a court of law. The AGCV is an organization of skilled professional videographers with pro-sumer or better grade equipment.
  • The AGCV's 10-member Advisory Board is made up of highly qualified experienced professional legal videographers, each with a minimum of 15 years experience in the courtrooms from Europe and Canada to Hawaii, and have come highly recommended by those in the legal profession with whom they have served.
  • Those videographers certified by the AGCV are all qualified and skilled professional videographers who are trained in all phases of legal videography.  In addition to videotaping depositions, we stress many other aspects of legal videography, such as "day-in-the life" documentaries, medical examinations, video wills, settlement documentaries, scenes of incidents, evidence of damages, investigative videotaping, surveillance, post production editing, and the court's requirements for the acceptance of video taped evidence in trials (Rule 30).

Our videographers are available to do one-camera or two-camera shoots (including the deposing attorney on a split screen). We are available for assignments in all of Europe and Asia.

To schedule your next Videographer, please use the Schedule Online Now page.

For price quotations or inquiries, please inquire at or call us directly at (011) 352-2674-0843, or fax (011)352-2674-0844, or click here and fill in the details of your needs now!