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Court Reporting

Frederick Weiss & Associates believes that modern court reporters are more than just the keepers of the record. Gone are the days when court reporters were merely taking down the spoken word. Today's court reporters are expected to be much more.

  • At the cutting edge of technology with all aspects of transcript delivery and instant realtime access.

    Condensed transcripts, eTrans and rough ASCII's, uncertified end-of-day rough draft transcripts and remote web streaming of the reporter‘s realtime. Such services are particularly useful in long and complex litigation cases and international arbitrations with attorneys working simultaneously in different time zones.

  • Alternative media available with videotaped depositions.

    Court reporting has merged with alternative media in the case of videotaped depositions, videoconferencing and the requirement to provide Videosynced video with the court reporter’s transcript for courtroom presentations.

  • Exhibit linking in .pdf format.

    Clients can view an exhibit that corresponds with a particular piece of transcript through hyperlinks.

  • All of Europe coverage with minimal travel costs.

  • Competitive Pricing.

    We would like to be your court reporter of choice in Europe! Please take a moment to schedule your next Deposition or Hearing in the Schedule Online Now page or call us at your convenience.